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Carpet’s History

Carpet’s History

Wilton Tradition
Carpets have been manufactured in Great Britain for almost three centuries. The tradition began in the South-East of England in Wilton a small town in Wiltshire County. In 1720 the world first carpet manufacturing firm was located a few kilometers from Stonehenge, the famous megalithic monument of the Bronze Age.
At the beginning the carpets were manufactured with a short loop called ‘Brussels Knit’. However later on Wilton manufacturers developed a low pile carpet which was named after the town as a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).
This new Wilton weave was copied by other manufacturers in the city of Kidderminster and later throughout the country.

Axminster Carpets
In 1755 Thomas Whitty opened a factory in Devon in the city of Axminster, where carpets at the beginning were manufactured manually then they become a textile mill with the Industrial Revolution.The Axminster carpet recognized as a high quality product and popular among upscale households.
Carpets began to be manufactured throughout England and supplied domestic as well as international demand.

North American Tufting
At the beginning of XX century Tufting a new manufacturing method was developed in the United States of America. A tufted carpet is produced by inserting yarn or tufts with needles onto a pre-woven backing. Gradually the method was developed and improved. New technologies have brought huge progress in synthetic yarns and modern looms, today textures, designs and colour carpets liven up any room style.

Tile Carpets
During the 60s a new carpet was developed for corporate offices as well as for shops which allow an easy installation and transport. This new system was the beginning of the tile carpets; these carpets are manufactured in big rolls and after they are cut into squares , approximate 60 x 60 cm.
Tile carpets have answered cooperate modern needs such as on elevated floors which provide easy access to cables installed to connect equipment to terminals. It is here where this type of individual tile carpets are the best solution, you have ready access to the under floor cables without disrupting staff work.