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The first graduates from “Textile Trainee” –El Espartano’s new annual internship program– share their experiences with us

Launched at the beginning of the year, the Textile Trainee program offers three-month internships to students of all courses of studies for them to apply their knowledge and develop new abilities in an independent manner, while accompanied by an in-house mentor.

This type of initiative represents for us an invaluable step towards the training of true textile professionals while allowing young people to develop and obtain a real worldly experience and helping as well to the growth of this industry.

In this article, the first four graduates from this program share their experience at El Espartano with us. Thank you a lot to all of them!

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Helga Mariel Soto was an intern within the Design Area in the Samples Workshop department. Her tutor was Verónica Mercado.

“My experience at El Espartano was short but very satisfactory. From the moment I was interviewed I felt totally at ease with the company’s environment and I learnt more and more about yarns, rugs, textures and colors each day. Verónica, as well as the rest of the team were great work mates and made me feel very welcome. I leave the company after gaining great experience and invaluable knowledge and with the desire of having stayed a bit longer”.

Felipe Edit

Felipe Lazzaro Striebeck is doing an internship in the Design Area in the Samples Department, in our plant in Olivos, and his tutor is Diego Mihanovich.


Sebastián Amuy was an intern in the Foreign Trade Area and his tutor was Lorena Casas.

“I’ve been really lucky to gain work experience within El Espartano, a very interesting company of the textile industry. They rely on a very professional working team and maintain an unbeatable work environment. I’m really happy with the experience gained in this period, I take with me lovely memories of all the people I met there and most important of all is that I was able to grow professionally”


Carolina Chang Yu is at present an intern within the Design Area and her mentor is Jorgelina Bordón.

“These months at El Espartano have been of constant learning and professional as well as personal growth. I thank the opportunity of having lived this experience together with excellent professionals who have daily shown their knowledge and unquestionable abilities. Jorgelina, who has been my mentor throughout these months, has taught me a lot about the textile industry and has shown me all that the industry still has to offer. I’m really very thankful for the opportunity I’ve received and for the experience and the knowledge acquired”.


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