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Finlandesas. Softness, warmth and now… color!


Finlandesas. Softness, warmth and now… color!


Our Finlandesa rugs are back, and in a new color palette inspired by the latest interior design trends . Ivory, Taupe, Cloud, Silver, Granite, Pacific Blue, Arctic, Moss, Blush and Ballet are the 10 new colors that redefine the collection. The menu of color options focuses on grays and pastel accents , and encompasses a variety of neutral tones .


The warm color palette is a perfect match for the unmistakable, sensuous warmth of the wool, whose natural fibers give these rugs a comforting quality, enveloping your feet with every step.


Two different styles of the rugs are available, both of which are handwoven and have a cut pile texture. The first is Alta , a shaggy rug with a 5 cm pile height. It is the perfect addition to any interior that seeks to create a modern, relaxed ambiance.


On the other hand, Plus , the second style, is an ultra-refined piece, perfect for elegant spaces. It has been produced using the same techniques and materials but with a pile height of 2 cm and a pattern that uses a higher density of yarns to create a soft, fluffy texture.


The Finlandesas collection is versatile and adapts to classic or modern settings with Scandi touches and a Fusion interior design style. Discover the new color options and bring your spaces to life.

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Observation and study. . How we picked out the new colors.

The color selection process takes time. It begins with a detailed observation of worldwide trends related to the use of colors. This is followed by a series of questions that are answered during the research process.

The process allows us to envision how various shades of color interact in current interior design styles, observe which will be the new neutral tones, and determine which colors will play leading roles in decoration in the years to come.


These observations are combined with our knowledge, learning and the application of technical tools such as the NCS color system that is used by our Research & Development team and is a source of valuable information enables us to study colorimetry in depth.


Observation and investigation are key to defining the designs, materiality and colorimetry of our products. We have also recently incorporated into our reference library Lidewij Edelkoort’s new book, Animism. Design & Lifestyle 2022 The author analyzes the relationship between natural objects and design, and considers the impact that 2020 will have on lifestyles in the years to come. It combines inspiring texts and mood boards with samples of different materials that allow the user to have a sensory experience of several textures. It is a book that will continue to inspire us in our ongoing quest for innovation.