El Espartano

The NCS System, the universal language of color


El Espartano has incorporated the NCS color system (Natural Color System) into its carpet design and manufacturing processes.

Unlike other systems that just use a common nomenclature, the NCS visual language logic is based on how humans truly perceive color. The system allows colors to be defined precisely and harmonies to be created based on the logic and relationships between color, light, and materiality. It also means that color decisions can be easily communicated with clients and suppliers, beyond a reliance on intuition and subjective sensibilities.


There is a universe of color that extends far beyond our definitions of primary, secondary and complementary colors. For those of us that work in fields where color plays a central role, the concept is much more profound. We find ourselves in conversations that take a much deeper approach to color, discussing hues, nuances, ranges, whiteness, blackness and saturation.

NCS is a system based on four elemental colors plus white and black. They are organized in two different, complementary formats. First, the NCS Color Circle organizes colors by composition, in ranges of 10 hues between each of the 4 elemental colors: yellow, red, blue, and green. Then, the NCS Color Triangle organizes the colors by nuance according to theirwhiteness or blackness.

So, for instance, between yellow and red there exist a variety of hues based on the proportion in which the quantities of each color are combined. At the same time, different nuances are derived from each of these hues based on the degree of whiteness or blackness in the color. This is also the case for the hues that lie between red and blue, blue and green, and green and yellow.


El Espartano feels that studying these color attributes and understanding their complexity is fundamental when selecting colors. Selecting the right combination of hues or nuances according to their different attributes is the perfect formula for creating color combinations that are visually harmonious.

El Espartano pays particular attention to color. From the moment a design is conceived, color selection is crucial, no matter if it is selected freely or conforms to the custom needs of a particular client. Thanks to the Atlas and Index developed by NCS and their informative nomenclature, our design and production team has been able to study the manner in which hues and nuances are expressed in our raw materials, from our 100% pure virgin wool yarns, to our top quality nylon.

El color representa un gran desafío. Tanto por la variable de percepción del ojo humano, como por la capacidad de reproducir de manera fiel los cromas en materialidades que no siempre se comportan de la misma manera. Un universo sin límites que se desarrolla entre la intuición y el conocimiento.

Color presents an enormous challenge, not only because of the inconsistency in how it is perceived by the human eye, but also due to the difficulty of faithfully reproducing colors using materials that do not always behave in the same way. It is an infinite universe that develops between intuition and knowledge.