El Espartano

El Espartano opens its doors in São Paulo


El Espartano has inaugurated, in São Paulo, Brazil, its first store outside Argentina

After six years with offices in this country, El Espartano opens its doors to the public so as to become a meeting point with our clients and a place where we can share the stories behind our projects, offer advice when choosing a carpet, let visitors personally interact with our products and immerse themselves in the textile universe of the brand.


Designed by architect Thiago Bicas, the space aimed at showing the aesthetic principles and attributes of El Espartano, such as simplicity, quality and elegance of the materials. With neutral shades, light materials and large windows which allow the entrance of natural light, the focus is on the products exhibited while highlighting the tones and textures of each design. “The objective was to give the products the status of a work of art, as if exhibited in an art gallery”, explains architect Bicas.



The space has a reception area and large working tables for those in search of a fully personalized carpet, where the product is created with each client to achieve the ideal result.


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