El Espartano

El Espartano was part of Casa FOA 2014


El Espartano was present at the last edition of Casa FOA in the spaces of Javier Iturrioz and of Grupo Haz architectural firm.

In its 30th anniversary, Casa FOA celebrated its 2014 edition in a much longed for location: the San Benito Abbey, a historical and prestigious site which combines beauty, spirituality and an unequalled mark which amazed visitors during the whole tour of the exhibition carried out between October 10 and November 16.


For this occasion, El Espartano’s rugs were present in the spaces decorated by architect Javier Iturrioz and architectural firm Grupo Haz.

Architect Javier Iturrioz presented “Blue Porcelain”, a sophisticated, bourgeois and full of personality dining room where geometry and a rigorous palette of Alba colors in white and blue were the protagonists. The floor played a relevant role with an Axminster rug with a geometrical zoom design evoking a classical French garden. The product was chosen after taking into account the versatility it offers as regards colors and designs as each one of the yarns is individually woven and is placed in a specific place according to the selected drawing, as well as the durability in high transit areas.


On the other hand, architectural firm Grupo Haz created “Home Office”, characterized by a game of contrasts between cold and rigid materials such as steel, and warm materials such as the wood on the floor and on certain decorative objects. To go hand in hand with this esthetics, they selected our Alexa rug and developed a cut-out design in two hues evoking the materiality of steel. The product was chosen after thinking about the versatility it offers to include personalized designs, without losing the top quality of a 100% wool handwoven rug.




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