El Espartano

El Espartano at Casa FOA 2019


El Espartano was selected by three different design and architecture studios to participate in their spaces at Casa FOA 2019, the most prominent architecture, design and landscape exhibition in Buenos Aires.

This edition of Casa FOA explores different forms of contemporary housing, including co-living and co-working spaces. The focus is on large spaces filled with natural light and elements of nature. El Espartano regularly collaborates with different designers and architects to produce the spaces included in the event, which is in its 36th year. This year we participated in designs ranging from children’s rooms to co-working spaces.



Boy’d Bedroom “Brotherhood”, by Coty Larguía

Designer Coty Larguía presented the boy’s bedroom, Brotherhood, which is a serene space that uses a pastel palette and is designed for two brothers. The setting incorporates modern wood carpentry that is complemented by a soft Alexa “Azuka” rug — designed in custom colors specifically for this project — that invites you to take off your shoes and rest in the comfort of the intimate space. The carpet, presented for the first time at Casa FOA, is part of the new collection that El Espartano will soon launch together with Coty Larguía and the Picnic brand.





CoWorking, by Juan Caram, Diego Segoura and Flavio Dominguez

El Espartano also collaborated in the co-working space created by architects Juan Caram and Diego Segoura, of BA Planning, together with Flavio Dominguez. They created a harmonious and functional space where color takes the lead. Reflecting the predominant color scheme are our three circular Alexa rugs which, with their mix of different heights of cut pile and bouclé, play a key role in defining the relaxed, modern space.





Living – Dining room, by Juan Álvarez Morales and Andrés Levy

Finally, the architects Juan Alvarez Morales and Andres Levy, of Estudio AML, created a spacious living-dining room that features El Espartano’s EOA wall-to-wall carpet. The dark grey cut pile blends with the colors of the furniture, tying the room together and allowing the details and textures of the decoration to pop out. At the same time, the carpet brings warmth and improves acoustics, turning a large space into a cozy room to receive guests.




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