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Premiere of “The Two Popes” in Buenos Aires


El Espartano participates in the premiere of “The Two Popes” in Buenos Aires.

Netflix launched “The Two Popes”, one of its latest films, at an impressive premiere held at the Law School of the University of Buenos Aires. The film portrays the transition between Benedict XVI and Francis, presenting an imagined representation of the events that may have taken place within the walls of the Vatican.

Francisco Nocito

Directed by the Brazilian Fernando Meirelles, the film stars Anthony Hopkins as Benedict XVI and Johnathan Price as Francis, with Juan Minujín portraying the younger version of Bergoglio.

Francisco Nocito

The grandeur of the red carpet event – attended by nationally and internationally renowned figures – was underscored by the entrance that took place via the famous steps to the law school. The event organizers, Lalli y Asociados, called upon El Espartano to provide new carpeting for the steps for the premiere. The striking ‘TN 15’, a new red from our Chroma swatchbook, was an excellent choice for the occasion. The swatchbook brings together carpets from our popular Delos and Pallas lines in different red and black tones, simplifying the selection process for this particular type of event. We opted for a highly resistant product of exceptional aesthetic qualities and defined colors, which helped bring distinction to an event of this magnitude.

Against the backdrop of the iconic architecture and steps of the law school, which were duly outfitted for the occasion, the premiere was held with a view to capturing the attention of all of Latin America.

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