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Movie Carpets in Hoyts Unicenter


Axminster and Olimpia were chosen for this project

Since last January, those who visitCine Hoyts Unicenter in Martinez, Buenos Aires can enjoy the original carpet designs of Axminster from El Espartano in the halls, isles and the ticket counters of the establishment, o job of approximately 1500 m², carried out exclusively for these areas.

The first approval that the Real Academia Española (Royal Spanish Academy) assigns to the word “cine” that gives clear evidence of an art environment, as it describes a “room or hall in which films are shown”. Lovers of the seventh art know well the difference between seeing a movie on the big screen and seeing it from a living room sofa.

The setting ends up giving life to a cinematographic illusion of history, which is why the environment of the movie theater is essential for the spectator to enter the realm of the film. The international corporations that manage movie theaters analyze the interior design as a key factor in attracting the senses, and, with its colored designs, the carpet is what brings warmth and fantasy to this environment.

Hoyts General Cinema Argentina trusted in the experts of El Espartano and installed 1250 m² of Axminster carpeting in the hall and isle areas, designed with six colors and a 80% wool, 20% nylon composition. To produce the sensation of walking on a soft, spongy surface, they included an underlay. Additionally, they added 130 m² of Olimpia Tricolor, OG1320 carpet in the ticket booth area.

All of the carpets produced by El Espartano comply with IRAM-INTI quality and security regulations, and possess ISO 9001:2008 international certification.

Los que saben, eligen El Espartano.

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