El Espartano

New line of carpets by Cristian Mohaded


The MALLA collection is a series of novel hand-woven carpets specially designed by Cristian Mohaded for El Espartanto.

A new line of Alexa carpets, “MALLA” was designed in conjunction with Cristian Mohaded, a point of reference in contemporary Argentine design thanks to the simplicity and subtlety of his approach and his constant search for new materials.


The MALLA line is a simple geometric construction or ramification that, on the basis of two-dimensional shapes (squares, rectangles and triangles), produces three-dimensional optical effects through the displacement or transformation of the knots that connect the lines.

The seemingly random distortion along with the use of color and the possibilities for texture (specifically pile height and type of finishing) afforded by the hand-tufting process create a heightened sense of relief in each carpet.

The graphic interplay is reminiscent, in a broad sense, of certain natural phenomena: the formation of crystals and cracks, the movement of waves, constellations, etc. Each of the carpets, then, seems to have a soul, a unique and contemporary character.


MALLA is another in the series of Alexa collections produced by Kom; others include the collections resulting from the Tejiendo Tendencias project. Both further the spirit of collective innovation furthered by our Laboratory for Sustainable Design.


All of the designs in the MALLA Collection:



Download the PDF showing the collection

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