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For many years El Espartano has kept a strong commitment towards art and promoting the work new artists.

El Espartano sponsors a wide range of cultural and academic events directed to the public in general, and professionals and students in particular.

Under the title NEWS, El Espartano expects to establish a sort of bill board for these activities.

We invite our clients or readers to send us material of interest, texts on carpets, photos of carpets, queries, remarks, etc. To the following mail noticias@elespartano.com.ar

El Espartano and Coty Larguía present “Oblique”


El Espartano is proud to present Oblique, our new collection of rugs developed in collaboration with the designer Coty Larguía.

Our Alexa line has been expanded with the addition of the new Oblique collection of rugs, which incorporate modern designs and warm textures. Designed by Coty Larguía in collaboration…

Nueva Colección junto a Coty LarguíaA El Espartano Apresenta “Oblique” em parceria com Coty LarguíaEl Espartano and Coty Larguía present “Oblique”!--:-->

Premiere of “The Two Popes” in Buenos Aires


El Espartano participates in the premiere of “The Two Popes” in Buenos Aires.

Netflix launched “The Two Popes”, one of its latest films, at an impressive premiere held at the Law School of the University of Buenos Aires. The film portrays the transition between Benedict XVI and Francis,…


The NCS System, the universal language of color


El Espartano has incorporated the NCS color system (Natural Color System) into its carpet design and manufacturing processes.

Unlike other systems that just use a common nomenclature, the NCS visual language logic is based on how humans truly perceive color. The system allows colors to be defined precisely and harmonies…


The New Wilton Aera: Innovation and Efficiency for Aircraft


El Espartano presents Wilton Aera, a new line of carpets designed exclusively for airplanes. The carpets combine functionality and design to meet the highest demands of the aviation industry.

Wilton Aera is a line of innovative and high-performance carpets that have been designed to provide a first-class solution to…


Lana Sur at Tendencia Arenales


Lana Sur, El Espartano’s project to bring together a group of designers to promote the value and benefits of Argentine wool, participated in the latest edition of Tendencia Arenales. Artist Eugenia Foguel was specially invited to join the growing initiative and chose this event to present her piece Kokon,…

Francisco Nocito

El Espartano at Casa FOA 2019


El Espartano was selected by three different design and architecture studios to participate in their spaces at Casa FOA 2019, the most prominent architecture, design and landscape exhibition in Buenos Aires.

This edition of Casa FOA explores different forms of contemporary housing, including co-living and co-working spaces. The focus is…


Encuentro con El Mataco, de Faivovich & Goldberg


El Espartano presente en la exhibición Encuentro con El Mataco, obra del dúo Faivovich & Goldberg que conmemora los 80 años del Museo Marc de Rosario.

En el marco del 80° aniversario del Museo Histórico Provincial Dr. Julio Marc de la ciudad de Rosario, los artistas Guillermo Faivovich (Buenos Aires,…


“iUpiiiii” at La Usina del Arte


El Espartano Develops Carpets for “iUpiiiii”, the New Children’s Play Center at La Usina del Arte

For this year’s winter holidays, the City of Buenos Aires will inaugurate a new installation called “iUpiiiii”, a recreational space dedicated for children at the cultural center, La Usina del Arte, located in the…


El Espartano presents “Gordian Knot” with Leandro Erlich


Leandro Erlich, a world-renowned artist from Argentina, has called on El Espartano to collaborate in creating “Gordian Knot”, his latest piece which will be presented at Liminal at the MALBA museum, the first monographic exhibition of his personal body of work.

This new creation emerges from Sous le Ciel, the…


Cabinet Óseo the Decorative Arts Museum


El Espartano fue convocado por Cabinet Óseo para acompañar la muestra REINOS que se presenta en el Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo de Buenos Aires hasta el 12 de mayo.

Del 5 de abril al 19 de mayo el Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo presenta REINOS,…

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