El Espartano

Hotel Sheraton Córdoba


The prestigious international hotel chain Sheraton has chosen the carpets of El Espartano for the rooms, corridors, and salons of its distinguished site in Córdoba, Argentina. This 16-story boutique hotel presents a startling architectural design that offers open vistas onto the beautiful sierras of Córdoba. At short distance from the center of the city and just a few minutes from the airport, the hotel has 188 splendid rooms and a convention center of 2,600 m² for corporate and social events.

For its installations the Sheraton Córdoba chose Magna products, a line of carpets made according to Colortec, a system that offers infinite possibilities for design in up to eight colors.

In this project in particular, the design department of El Espartano worked from the idea the client presented and came up with an original design plan for each of the areas of the hotel.

After the authorities of the Córdoba Sheraton approved the first digital drafts, El Espartano submitted for final approval the woven prototypes of each one of the designs. Finally, the carpets were produced and a team of specialists was assigned to their placement and taking care of each detail.

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