El Espartano

PepsiCo, Quilmes, and Eco de los Andes


El Espartano was chosen by PepsiCo, Quilmes, and Eco de los Andes to do the carpeting and flooring of their new offices in Costa Salguero.

Our premium collection of carpet tiles, Olympia Tricolor, was selected for the work spaces. Featuring a loop pile texture, these tiles are made with nylon yarn, which guarantees maximum durability and resistance to wear.

Seeking to create a more dynamic and attractive design, we accentuated the versatility of the modular carpet system by using blocks of strong colors (such as lime, blue, and orange) that harmonize with the predominant marble gray. Such detail was made possible by Acentos, the new line from the Olympia collection, which is made by El Espartano.

For the dining areas, our Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) with a stone finish were chosen. Made in Belgium, these tiles have a strikingly similar appearance to natural ceramics and provide acoustic comfort as well as visual warmth to the space. Thanks to its design and construction, LVT is a durable product that can be quickly installed and is very easy to maintain.

This project was carried out in partnership with architecture firm Escarrá Pradier and the client’s in-house design department. A total surface of 1,100 square meters (approx. 11,800 square feet) needed to be covered in this work, and we were able to meet all the construction requirements as well as the specified timeframes, thanks to the selected products and their ease of installation.

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