El Espartano

Phillip Morris


El Espartano has been summoned by architectural firm Caffarini & Vainstein to develop a tailor-made modular carpet system for the new offices of Massalin Particulares in the outskirts of Buenos Aires.

The product chosen for this project was the Infinity carpet, the most versatile product of our modular carpet line, specially developed so as to meet the most complex requirements of modern workspaces.

This system allowed Caffarini & Vainstein, the firm in charge of the project, to request from our design team different variations of the carpets so as to differentiate the different sectors within the space, visually distinguish the areas of traffic from the open spaces, and use a distinctive color for each of the five stories in a harmonious manner and according to the visual identity of the company.

Infinity, like all our modular systems, also features great flexibility to easily adapt itself to irregular rooms without any waste and enabling the exchange of tiles in an individual manner in order to make repairs or reach the tubes for new wirings without damaging the surface. This, added to its great wear resistance, as well as its superior aesthetic and sound qualities, makes of Infinity the ideal product for this type of projects.