El Espartano

Hotel Madero


Throughout the last decade, the area of Eastern Puerto Madero has consolidated as the new downtown of Buenos Aires, concentrating the landmarks of the avant-garde architecture of the city. This magnificent hotel, erected in this area, fully reflects the style and sophistication of its surroundings.

Abulafia Figoni Prado firm, in charge of the interior design of Madero Hotel, aimed at designing a hotel with a unique style. In this way, making use of a rich interior architecture, and focusing on lighting and combination of materials and textures, each one of the spaces preserves its own identity. The choice of contemporary art is also highly significant, as it provides diverse paintings and sculptures, mainly from local artists.

On request of the authors, El Espartano has developed the carpets for the halls and corridors, and has designed carpets for the rooms and main lobby of Hotel Madero. The corridors have been decorated with the Egea, a modern carpet which combines cut pile and loop pile in grey shades. For the rooms, a pure textured loop wool in natural hues was designed in order to provide warmth and comfort. The yarns used in the manufacture were obtained after mixing different types of undyed virgin wool. In this way, the hotel was a pioneer in the use of a sustainable product which sides with the latest avant-garde trends.

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