El Espartano

Sofitel La Reserva Cardales


This elegant hotel, situated alongside the Reserva Cardales Country Club, forms part of Argentina’s first Resort Country Club + Luxury Hotel, set in a privileged natural surroundings, only 60 kilometers north of the center of Buenos Aires.

The complex has 159 broad and light-filled rooms, with large picture windows and terraces for enjoying the magnificent views of the gold course, the lagoon, and the nature reserve.

The team of architects in the studio of Roberto Otero and Associates, which was entrusted with the hotel’s interior design, asked El Espartano to come up with the original rugs for the corridors, the Business Center, the Bowling Center, and the rest of the spacious salons that are part of the hotel. The products presented were designed exclusively for La Reserva with the qualities that El Espartano uses in its Magna line: short pile made with Colortec, a system of weave that allows for a broad freedom of design and play with a palette of up to eight colors.

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