El Espartano



El Espartano has been chosen by architectural firm Intraoffice to develop a personalized design of modular carpets for the new offices of Everis Consulting in Buenos Aires.

The aim of the project was to renovate Everis Consulting offices and improve the workspace with new furniture, more common spaces, a better distribution, state-of-the-art equipment and of course a new carpet.

Therefore, our design department has worked together with the client in order to develop a personalized design of our Infinity Modular Carpets, in a combination of grey shades and the typical pistachio green color of the company’s logo and thus achieve a sober design representative of the visual identity of the company.

Apart from their aesthetic qualities and the wide range of options available for their customization, our Infinity carpets belong to a line of modular tiles which are woven with the bouclé technique in different levels using nylon fibers that are worldwide recognized due to their exceptional quality. This type of fabric is ideal to resist the heavy traffic typical of commercial offices and significantly improves the acoustics of the rooms creating more pleasant workspaces.

Just like all other carpets in our modular line, the Infinity line efficiently and easily adapts to rooms reducing waste and enables the exchange of tiles in an individual manner in order to make repairs or to reach the tubes for new wirings without damaging the surface.

To learn more about our modular carpets, click here.

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