El Espartano

El Teatro Argentino de La Plata


El Espartano’s Velour carpets were selected as part of the renovation of the emblematic Teatro Argentino de La Plata.

El Espartano produced a series of carpets from our Velour line to meet the custom specifications of the renovation of this emblematic building of La Plata. The undertaking took more than three years and also involved a full restoration of the hall.

El Espartano carried out its portion of the work in two stages, during which more than 6500 m2 of carpet were laid. The first stage took place in 2017, and involved the laying of a Velour Plus 9 carpet in two tones of grey throughout the corridors and entrance hall. The second stage was completed in 2019 and consisted of replacing the carpet in the main hall of the theater.

Our Velour Plus carpets are made using a selection of the finest skein-dyed wool, which are processed to form a compact, fluffy carpet, making for an excellent moquette that is very resistant and suited to high-traffic areas. For this project, the colors were carefully crafted to replicate the design of the theater’s original carpets prior to the renovation.

The arts complex was founded in La Plata in 1887 . The original building was constructed in an Italian Renaissance style and was re-built almost 100 years later, following a fire in 1977.