El Espartano

Banco Hipotecario


El Espartano has developed a custom design of modular carpets for the new interiors of the iconic Banco Hipotecario building. It’s the first major project to be completed with our new high-definition Infinity IX loom.

Banco Hipotecario engaged El Espartano to develop modular carpets for their recently remodeled headquarters, which are located in an iconic building designed by Clorindo Testa, one of the leading figures of the Brutalist architectural movement in Buenos Aires.

These are the first modular carpets created using El Espartano’s new Infinity IX loom, which is noted for its great flexibility in weaving complex designs and textures with extremely high precision. Using advanced loop pile weaving technology, which allows each one of its needles to be individually controlled, it can combine up to four colors in order to achieve hundreds of tones, creating textures with a remarkable degree of definition.

For this project, two earth tones were chosen and then combined at different heights to enhance the carpet’s striped texture and its original distressed effect. Using the quarter turn method, the modular tiles were installed like a chessboard, covering a total surface area of more than 9,000 square meters over 4 floors of offices.

In addition to modular tiles and planks, this new Infinity IX loom is capable of producing rolls of carpet of up to four meters in width. Nylon threads are used in order to achieve a quality product with structure and density, maximizing its durability and wear resistance — an essential characteristic for high-traffic spaces, such as corporate and commercial interiors.

An emblem of Brutalist architecture, the Banco Hipotecario building was designed in 1960 by Clorindo Testa for then Bank of London and South America. It is located on the corner of Reconquista and Bartolomé Mitre, in the center of the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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