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How do you choose a carpet?

When purchasing a carpet several things must be taken into account, i.e.: it should be comfortable to walk on, have the appropriate style, sound and temperature insulation and it should be a reliable surface to walk on....
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PepsiCo, Quilmes, and Eco de los Andes

El Espartano was chosen by PepsiCo, Quilmes, and Eco de los Andes to do the carpeting and flooring of their new offices in Costa Salguero. Our premium collection of carpet tiles, Olympia Tricolor, was selected...
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El Espartano participates in the premiere of “The Two Popes” in Buenos Aires.

Netflix launched “The Two Popes”, one of its latest films, at an impressive premiere held at the Law School of…

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El Espartano has incorporated the NCS color system (Natural Color System) into its carpet design and manufacturing processes.

Unlike other systems that just use a common nomenclature, the NCS visual language logic is based on…

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Explore the features of our synthetic turf, its advantages and uses.
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