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Infinity Modular


Colors may vary slightly from batch to batch.


Infinity carpet is a new line of floor-tile units produced using the bouclé technique and Antron Legacy threads, recognized the world over for their quality.

This line is known for its somber design, warm acoustics, easy maintenance and durability thanks to a perfect combination of materials that ensures permanence.


A flexible unit-based system makes it possible to personalize design in the form of rapport or checkered pattern. Because the floor tiles are interchangeable, spaces can be redistributed with ease to facilitate, among other things, new wire layouts, making this an ideal choice for offices.


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Pfizer, Sandoz


  • Size: 61 x 61 cm - 22,86 x 91,44 cm
  • Texture: Bouclé
  • Yarn: Nylon 6.6
  • Gauge: 1/12 - 5/64 - 1/10
  • Pile height: 1,5mm, 3mm y 4mm
  • Total height: 6mm
  • Weight plush: 760gr/m2 - 795gr/m2 - 900 gr/m2
  • Peso Total: 4.800 gr/m2 - 4.900 gr/m2
  • Number of knots: 170.000/m2 - 190.000/m2
  • Primary and Secondary backing: Fibra de vidrio y PVC
  • Use: Comercial intenso


Use: Comercial intenso Comercios & Restaurantes, Oficina

División Modular

100% Nylon
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