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“The Museum is in Fashion” Handkerchiefs


Designs by Min Agostini, Mariana Cortés, Martín Churba, Mariana Dappiano, Leandro Dominguez, and Laura Valenzuela presented as part of “The Museum is in Fashion” initiative have hit the street as handkerchiefs.

At the beginning of the year, El Espartano and the Asociación Amigos del Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (AAMNBA) launched The Museum is in Fashion project, inviting a group of Argentine fashion designers to develop proposals for the carpet of AAMNBA’s new auditorium; the winning project would be selected pursuant to a public vote. Min Agostini, Mariana Cortés, Martín Churba, Mariana Dappiano, Leandro Dominguez, and Laura Valenzuela took part in the initiative with original designs published at www.elmuseoestademoda.com.


“Suelo Exterior” by Leandro Domínguez

During a one-month period, over 3500 people voted for their favorite, choosing from the proposals presented. The public voted without knowing which designer had made which project in order to ensure that the choice was based on a preference for the design rather than for its author.

Leandro Dominguez’s “Suelo Exterior” project, which received over two thousand votes, was selected for the carpet installed in AAMNBA’s new auditorium, reopened in April 2014 pursuant to architectural, acoustic, and technical renovations. It is now a unique venue for the city’s educational and cultural events.

To round off a project that attempted to connect different disciplines and to make the museum available to new audiences, El Espartano developed a series of handkerchiefs based on the five proposals. The handkerchiefs, which are currently for sale in the AAMNBA store (Av. Figueroa Alcorta 2280, City of Buenos Aires), place the designs in the urban context.


“Agudos” by Mariana Dappiano


“El Destino de las Manchas” by Laura Valenzuela


“Huella T” by Martín Churba


“Tijereteando” by Min Agostini


“Llamas en el Cielo” by Mariana Cortés


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